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If you are intending to rent a bike today, please give us a call prior to booking, or drop buy our shop.

This way we can make sure we have bikes available for you!



Electric Bikes

Half Day (4hrs) - $50

Full Day (9:30AM - 6PM) - $60

Get a little boost with our new eBikes! Our electric bikes will ensure you have the cruisiest of city rides and help you tackle those cheeky Melbourne inclines with ease. This is the perfect option if you're not used to biking much or just want a new biking experience.


City Cruisers

Half Day (4hrs) - $25

Full Day (9:30AM - 6PM) - $30

24HRS - $35

Extra 24HRS - $20

Our City Cruiser bikes are a classic Dutch design, easy to ride with big padded seats, these bikes are exactly what the name suggests, perfect for cruising around Melbourne. Whether you're searching to find that hidden city cafe or rolling on down to Port Phillip Bay, these bikes will get you there in comfort and style!


Mountain Bikes

Half Day (4hrs) - $30

Full Day (9:30AM - 6PM) - $35

24HRS - $40

Extra 24HRS - $20

For the adventurous ones! Melbourne might not be all that hilly, but there are some parts where those extra gears come in handy. The Yarra River trail and the Capital City trail are great for mountain bikes. Our Jamis Mountain Bikes are 24 speed and available in 15", 17" and 19".

road bike

Road Bikes

Half Day (4hrs) - $30

Full Day (9:30AM - 6PM) - $35

24HRS - $40

Extra 24HRS - $20

For the die hards! Our road bikes are well suited to long rides in and out of Melbourne. Often rented for trips down to the bayside suburbs and even the Great Ocean Road, our Jamis road bikes are a solid choice for your bike away from home. Frame sizes include 51cm, 54cm, 56cm and 58cm.