How do our bikes compare to Melbourne Bike Share? Sure, the 'blue bikes' are convienient and cost effective IF you're going from point A to point B (in an area where there are Bike Share Stations). And for just $3 a day you can have an unlimited amount of 30 minute rides.

Sounds like a great deal! And in fairness, it is, if:

1) You know exactly where you're going

2) You're riding to an area with stations (there are many in the CBD but limited as you head down the bay or along the Yarra)

3) You have a helmet (not all bikes have them, and it is the law to wear one)

4) You're patient enough to find another bike station if the one you're trying to dock at is full

If you tick all these boxes and you're heavily price conscious, then maybe the blue bikes are for you. But! If you enjoy the freedom of riding around for a few hours or a day without the need to dock your bike every 30 minutes then you might want to consider bike rental from Freddy's Bike Tours. You're also not limited to one type of bike; there's city cruisers, e-bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and kids bikes!

Our rates are simple - for our comfy and reliable City Cruiser bikes, a minimum 4hr rental costs as low as $25, with a full day rental only $30. This comes with a helmet and lock so that you can lock it where ever you stop along the way. Actually if you were to rent a Melbourne Bike Share bike for 4hrs, without docking at a station, the amount you'd pay is $60! We've done a comparison chart so you can make an informed decision about your next rental bike in Melbourne. 

Why choose us?

  • Freedom to ride wherever for longer
  • Guaranteed helmet and lock with each bike rental
  • Choice of bike; City Cruisers, E-Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes
  • Set 4hr and full day rates - no complicated pricing
  • Friendly service and helpful advice on bike routes in Melbourne

Comparison of Bike Rental Costs 

(without returning the bike to a station)


Rental TimeFreddy's City Cruiser RentalMelbourne Bike Share
Full Day (8.5hrs)$30$150!