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City >> Port Melbourne >> St. Kilda >> Brighton Beach >> Half Moon Bay >> Albert Park >> City

Distance: 42KM (loop)

The Ride: Flat, mostly bike paths and some roads

One of the most photographed locations in Melbourne is Brighton Beach. This is due to the colourful beach boxes that line the shore (pic above). Brighton is a great bike ride coming along the Bay Trail from Port Melbourne, especially on a sunny day. And if it's hot enough for a swim, you might want to continue on and check out Half Moon Bay at Black Rock, it's one of Melbourne's best beaches.

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Port Melbourne

Once an industrial suburb, Port Melbourne is now a very classy part of town! Wander down the main street, Bay St. and you'll find many cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. This is the perfect first stop on your way down the bay. Grab a morning coffee, sit by the beach, and watch the many ships coming in and out of Port Philip Bay.

port melb beach

St. Kilda

St. Kilda is a hive of activity pretty much any time of the day, throughout the year. It's a backpacker hang-out and no wonder, with a lively pub & band scene and proximity to the beach. Don't miss the legendary cake shops on Acland St, a photo opportunity in front of Luna Park (see pic) and if it's the right time of day, grab a pint at the Espy - a local institution!


Brighton Beach

A trip to Melbourne isn't complete without a pic outside one of the Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes. These brightly painted 'day huts' are privately owned and worth up to AUD300,000! Thankfully, taking pictures is free, so you can pretend like you own one for nothing. The boxes can be found at Dendy Street beach, around 6km on the Bay Trail from St. Kilda.


Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is often rated one of the best beaches close to the city. The rocky outface and natural setting here make you feel like you're not in a city at all. Stop at the Red Bluff Lookout for some great shots of the bay looking south. It's really worth going here if you can manage a few extra kms on the bike.