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City >> Port Melbourne >> St. Kilda >> Albert Park Lake >> Botanical Gardens >> Yarra River >> City

Distance: 20KM (loop)

The Ride: Flat, mostly bike paths and some roads

This is one of the most popular rides for those renting bikes from Freddy's Bike Rentals. From our shop in Batman Park, it's very easy to get to the bayside. There is a bike path running along side the 109 tram all the way to Port Melbourne, and from there you can just follow the Bay Trail along the shore going to St. Kilda. On your way back to the City or CBD, it's best to check out Albert Park Lake and also the Botanical Gardens. Follow the route map at the bottom of this post!

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Port Melbourne

Once an industrial suburb, Port Melbourne is now a very classy part of town! Wander down the main street, Bay St. and you'll find many cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. This is the perfect first stop on your way to St. Kilda. Grab a morning coffee, sit by the beach, and watch the many ships coming in and out of Port Philip Bay.


St. Kilda

St. Kilda is a hive of activity pretty much any time of the day, throughout the year. It's a backpacker hang-out and no wonder, with a lively pub & band scene and proximity to the beach. Don't miss the legendary cake shops on Acland St, a photo opportunity in front of Luna Park (see pic) and if it's the right time of day, grab a pint at the Espy - a local institution!


Albert Park Lake

Every March, this quiet, picturesque suburban lake transforms into the race track for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. During the other months of the year you can ride your bike where the F1 cars would race and take in the beautiful surrounds and great Melbourne skyline views.

ap lake

Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens of Victoria contain over 8,500 species of flauna is also home to an amazing range of wildlife. Situated close to the banks of the Yarra, the gardens are a must visit in Melbourne, and a perfect way to take in a sunny afternoon. While here, it's worth checking out Victoria's excellent war memorial, the Shrine of Remembrance.